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Within our Wedding Ceremony/Sacred Union Ceremony our bride and groom are coming together not just in marriage, but in heart and soul. This ceremony is meant to bring the entire congregation into union. This special day is meant to celebrate the unconditional love and depth of understanding found within the couple - both individually and as a partnership. Listed below is a summary of the step-by-step journey that the Sacred Union Ceremony will take you and your family and friends through.

1. Music starts
2. Congregation enters and index cards and pens are given out Instruction to guest: Write your blessing to the bride and groom Ex: “I send my deepest and truest unconditional love to your partnership.” Ex: “I wish you both abundance, prosperity, and life-long joy.”
3. All are seated
4. Officiant walks to stage
5. Bridesmaids and groomsmen walk to stage
6. Groom and mother walk to stage
7. Bride and father walk to stage
8. Present Moment Awareness Exercise (Ex: As we begin this sacred ceremony I ask that we all begin to tune into the frequency of gratitude. Look at where you are. Look at who you’re sitting next to. The beauty and magic that is in the simplicity of today. The sun, the clouds, the trees, the breeze, and the love. Most of you know the people that surround you and if you don’t - this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with new souls...)
9. The Remembering Of Those Who Have Passed (Ex: As their physical bodies are no longer existent in the material realm, we can most certainly feel their spirits with us on this holy day. Let us take a minute or two of reflection individually and afterwards I will move my hand from left to right across our space and as my hand moves over you please feel free to speak the remembered name aloud...)
10. Hand Holding (Collective Experience) (Ex: I ask that we all hold hands - with the person to your left and to your right. Feel the power in this physical connection. Maybe it’s awkward or uncomfortable. Feel that. Most importantly let us release our judgements placed on this very moment and recognize that these moments - every moment - doesn’t last forever...)
11. Sending Our Blessing (Ex: As we sit here - hand in hand - I ask that we begin to imagine a beam of light streaming from your heart space - the very center of your chest. Pick any color - mine will be green...)
12. The Vows
13. The Rings
14. Flower/Candle Ritual
15. The Pronouncement and Kiss

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Rachel R., Miami

Maddie is absolutely amazing! She has really helped me love and embrace life and myself more than I thought was possible. Highly recommend if you want consistent positivity radiating from within :)


Rachel G., Massachusetts

A truly wonderful experience with Maddie! Her passion and expertise made the experience worth everything! I am looking forward to another session again and will be recommending to my friends!

Mustard Flowers

Lily, Sarasota

What an AMAZING experience! Never thought such healing could come from these types of practices, but I was completely wrong. I look forward to working with Maddie again soon.


Zack, Avon Park

I’ve had the opportunity to use Maddie Meditates services and I’m continued to be impressed with how well she cares for her customers. I’ll definitely continue to work with her!

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