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Who Is Maddie Meditates?

The Full Story

Hey, let me reintroduce myself.



I’m Maddie Grace Lawrence and I’m an Alternative Therapist.


I work with alternative healing, modalities to help individuals heal, (emotionally, mentally, physically, & spiritually) so that they step into their power and purpose, dramatically changing every aspect of their lives for the better.


I’m a certified Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Teacher, Embodiment Coach, and Ordained Minister.


I have two Bachelor’s Degrees, one in Psychology from Florida State University and the other in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. I am currently finishing up my Master’s Degree in Metaphysics as I transition into my PhD in Metaphysics with a concentration in Conscious-Centered Living.


Since starting my business back in January of 2020 (terrible time to start a business LOL - I know!), in the past 4 years, I have worked with over 500+ incredible clients, some for a few months and others for multiple years, to help them drastically change their lives in every possible way.


About 2 years back I began to book out anywhere from a month to a month in a half in advance and the numbers keep growing.


We now have 90+ 5-star reviews on Google!


Things are going well you could say! :-)


I’m incredibly grateful for the success I’ve had in working with the most incredible people. I feel truly blessed when it comes to my purpose and career.


I see my work with my clients as Divine workings in service to the Universe. I know I was put on this Earth to do exactly what I’m doing and I’m so excited to continue to meet wonderful people and bring Light to this world together!

If you’re ready to dive into your Healing Journey, I’m here for you and ready to take this journey with you.

I can’t wait to meet you. I love you already!

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Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 11.23.37 PM.png

The Beginning

Everyone has some story that stems back from their childhood trauma. Something that may have been a persistent issue or something that happened only once or twice. This “thing” has uniquely shaped you into who you are today. Your subconscious and unconscious hold it near and dear to their hearts. ⁣

Unfortunately my story has a lot to do with a lack of unconditional love. ⁣


Growing up wasn’t easy.


My parents went through a brutal divorce when I was 12 and my brother was 10.


I can remember the day we were told the devastating news - it was the last day of school before starting winter break and we had just gotten home, my mom sat my brother and I down on the carpet in my room and told us that our dad was on a trip in the Bahamas for work and that they were separating.


Well… my dad wasn’t on a work trip, the cops were at our house only hours prior and had taken him forcibly and removed him from the house and he was at a motel down the street from us.


We couldn’t talk to him.


My heart was ripped out of my chest.


All my mind could think was, “My dad left me. Why isn’t he here to tell me this? What’s happening?”


This left me angry and confused and so sad. There wasn’t an explanation of what had happened - it just happened.


From that day forward, it became near impossible for me to be vulnerable and let anyone in and truly trust them. High school and college especially.

I was bitter for so many years because of this. I never really knew of the root cause of it but I knew someone was to blame for all of the anger I felt inside. Someone had to be held responsible for the pain that I was trying to escape from. ⁣

Turns out... no one could be held responsible - except for myself. The role of mother and father have now fallen into my lap and I am slowly learning, through the guidance of the Universe, how to love myself whole again. ⁣


As I’ve grown older & have healed, I’ve come to understand the deep abandonment I felt.


My dad has remained in our lives and is one of my greatest supporters in my life - we have a better relationship now than we’ve ever had. But it’s taken a lot of time.


I’ve learned to forgive my mom - I have coped with the notion that she was simply doing what she felt was right to protect herself and her children.


None of us are perfect. We are human beings and we are flawed. But through bringing the darkness to the light, talking about things, moving through things, shifting the energy, we can come back to our center - LOVE.

Each day I am learning to receive the love that is so abundantly surrounding me. Each day I am learning to be aware of how much I am giving of myself. Each day I am learning what it feels like to soak in self love. ⁣

This healing journey of mine has been the most profound, uplifting, intense, and rewarding experiences of my life and the best part is... it’s only just beginning. ⁣

I pray for each and everyone of you to embark on this path to finding the seed of your heart again. You don’t have to go it alone. I am here for you when you do. I love you.

The Mission

Through each of my 1:1 sessions, retreats, community events, women’s support groups, etc. I hold one thing in my heart throughout the entirety of each is… WHOLENESS.


When I graduated from Florida State I immediately went to work for a mental health counselor in Tampa, FL. As her assistant I came to realize the detriment that traditional therapy was implementing on the lives of so many of her clients. Her clients were coming to gain true and real identities for themselves such as anxiety, or depression, or PTSD - identities that felt near impossible for them to truly move away from.


(P.S. I will say, I most certainly believe in the power of traditional therapy - I have seen it work with my own eyes and my very own heart; but with the way that the world has come to operate - I think a lot of the healing of it has been lost in translation.)


Witnessing this, I began to lead meditation classes for her clients. Many of them would come up to me afterwards telling me how powerful this was for them & oftentimes, that they were even more powerful than the 1:1 session with the counselor, herself. I knew MAGIC was being made here & I had to do something with it.


I received my certifications and started my business.


Since then I have noticed a dramatic amount of clients I have worked with have stated how much more significant their sessions with me have been compared to traditional therapy. Many have stated that what they receiving in just a single session outweighs a whole year of therapy. Crazy, I know!


I think the biggest difference between what I offer is that I am not here to show you that you are broken & go down the laundry list of all the things that are “wrong” with you, but remind you of your innate wholeness - now and forever. You have always been whole and you always will be. There is nothing wrong with you. Life is messy and confusing. & Since we live on planet Earth, the planet of duality - light and dark - things will always go up and they will always come down. Learning to be okay with this and accept this reality is what I teach.


I take an entirely different approach to coaching, to healing, to spirituality. I am here to help you become the Master of YOU - not keep you around year after year, creating a crutch out of the sessions; but to provide you with every single tool in the book to help you understand yourself and the world around you to such a deep degree that you feel empowered to take on the world yourself. Firm footed and deeply grounded in your power. Connected and embodied with Spirit.


That is my mission.


The Vision

My husband, Ryan, and I are adamant about simplifying our lives and coming back to Mother Nature. We believe that this is the missing element in our current world. We believe that life doesn’t need to be as fast-paced or disconnected - the way that most of life is lived in the U.S.


Once we got engaged in Costa Rica back in 2021, we were instantly hooked. We later returned back with 20 of our friends and family on 11/11/24 to get married there.


We had found the place of our dreams. We looked around and witnessed the power of community and nature here. It felt like something neither of us had ever experienced before. The people were connected to the land and the land to the people. There was a reverence for the magic and miracle of life here.


Our vision for our future is to move to Costa Rica and own a plot of land where we can establish a Retreat Center. With this Retreat Center, we hope to be able to lead numerous spiritual retreats throughout the year as moments in time for people from all over the globe to be shown and reminded of the sacredness of Life and learn how to take that back home with them and integrate it into their world. Ryan hopes to move more deeply into his passion of cooking and maybe start a restaurant on the land. If you haven’t had Ryan’s food before… you are missing out!! He is the greatest chef I know. Truly, nothing compares. I may be biased, but trust me, anyone that gets a little taste… there’s no going back. We also hope to raise a small farm and garden. Connecting back to our roots and giving back to the land. Sustainability is also something we want to incorporate into our Retreat Center and we hope to be able to do this by the joining of a few special friends eventually.


Day in and day out Ryan and I have it in our minds and hearts that this is our goal, our vision, & our dream for the world. Our foot is on the gas peddle and we are doing all that we can to bring this into fruition, not just for ourselves, but for the world. Our world needs community, healing, love, and sacred places of magic & we hope to be able to deliver this.

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