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1:1 Alternative Therapy Programs + More

P.S. Keep scrolling down for more options...


Radical Transformation is a 3 month long journey of 11 sessions occurring once a week.

Profound Transformation is a 6 month long journey of 22 sessions occurring once a week.

What is included?

- 11 sessions (RT) & 22 sessions (PT)

- 24/7 WhatsApp access with Maddie Meditates

- PDF Handouts for session follow-up (Ex: Healing The Little You Worksheet, Manifestation Worksheet, etc.)

- A plethora of recommendations & resources (books, self-care practices, etc.)

- Access to Maddie Meditates Conscious Community FB Page (connect with like-minded individuals all over the world)


*P.S. Payment plans are available too.*


Radical Transformation and Profound Transformation are programs for those who are looking too deep dive into their healing.


With the use of all 6 healing modalities we will be given the opportunity to truly peel back all of the layers limiting you, blocking you, and prohibiting you from stepping into the life of your wildest dreams.


A life filled with joy, celebration, purpose, passion, confidence, action, deep understanding, deep love, healing of unconscious patterns and cycles, profound connection to the world, and connection to Spirit.




Our Alternative Therapy Sessions work one of two ways.

When you come in for each session, we will find out what your intention is for the session and from there...


1. You will choose which healing modality you want to work with.


2. We choose together.


Our healing modalities are Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation Instruction, Spiritual Life Coaching, Breathwork, Art Play, and Conscious Movement/Embodiment.


- Reiki Energy Healing: Removes blockages found within the energy systems that exist within and around the body. Connecting you deeper to Spirit and possibly those who have passed. Also helping you to receive incredible validation and clarity on what has been existing in your world - internally and externally.

- Meditation Instruction: Connects us to the vast realm that exists beyond the mind - the Eternal Now. Rewiring and retraining our neural pathways to bring in our greatest good.

- Spiritual Life Coaching: Brings you to the depths of profound understanding for yourself and the world around you, catalyzing you towards your greatest achievements and life-long dreams.

- Breathwork: Releases you from the constraints of who you've been, your past, and expedite you to your ultimate potential of who you want to be - internally and externally - breaking free from the mind, connecting to the heart, and allowing space for a life-changing experience.

- Art Play: Connects you to your inner child - bursting wide your creative flow and allowing for a release of emotion and connection to your past.

- Conscious Movement: This is all about embodiment - moving beyond the mind and tapping into the vast wisdom and history held in the body. Release, move, shake, dance.

Radical Transformation & Profound Transformation

  • Radical Transformation - 3 Months

    Get ready to deep dive into your 3 mo. healing journey and spiritual awakening Beautiful Being! :-)
    Valid for 3 months
    • 11 1:1 (60 min) sessions every week for 3 months
    • 24/7 WhatsApp access with Maddie Meditates
    • PDF Handouts/Worksheets for session follow-up
    • A plethora of recommendations & resources
    • Access to Maddie Meditates Conscious Community FB Page
  • Best Value! :-)

    Profound Transformation - 6 months

    Get ready to deep dive into your 6 mo. healing journey and spiritual awakening Beautiful Being! :-)
    Valid for 6 months
    • 22 1:1 (60 min) sessions every week for 6 months
    • 24/7 WhatsApp access with Maddie Meditates
    • PDF Handouts/Worksheets for session follow-up
    • A plethora of recommendations & resources
    • Access to Maddie Meditates Conscious Community FB Page

More Options :-)

What is everyone saying?

Babak T., Tampa

Maddie is one of those special people you meet that change your life forever. She is a genuine and truly caring person who just wants to help.


I would recommend her to anyone looking to begin their growth/self care journey, entering a new chapter, or even if you just need someone to talk to; she is the right person.


Maddie truly cares, similar to a close friend you’ve known for years (even if she just met you). She will listen and help guide you through your thoughts/feelings with 0 judgment whatsoever.


No matter your background, your profession, beliefs etc, she offers a unique and caring perspective that is rare and extremely valuable in this world.


I HIGHLY recommend her! Anyone who meets with her just once will not be disappointed. She is just an all around great person.

Madison R., Tampa

Maddie is truly amazing in every way. She puts her heart and soul into her work and genuinely cares about the well being of her clients. She creates the most welcoming space for healing and spiritual growth and caters her approach for the individual. I am so grateful to have her in my life!!!

Mary B., St. Pete

Where do I even begin. I found Maddie when I needed her the most. Needed a reset for life honestly.

She is so calm and inviting and immediately became someone who I love and trust.

She takes the time to listen and understand how you’re feeling and works with you step by step to break everything down.

After meeting with Maddie I feel so intuitive and abundant. My whole life and perspective has changed in the best way possible.

Not just a coach, but a confidant and a true friend. I thank the universe that I’ve found Maddie and recommend her to anyone who is looking for help navigating life.

Stacy P., St. Pete

Maddie is a gift! Working with her has accelerated my healing FAR beyond what years of traditional therapy couldn’t. She effortlessly and instantaneously provides a space of mutual trust. I feel clear and empowered after each session. Maddie is gentle and able to connect with you in a way that is comforting, empathetic, and incredibly enlightening! If you are reading this, book with her immediately.

Stephanie G., St. Pete

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing Maddie is!


She’s the friend you’ve always needed in your life that really listens to you, helps you understand yourself, and guides you to your true purpose.


After just one meeting with her, you can tell just how much Maddie cares about you and how you treat yourself.


Her practice isn’t just about “staying positive” but really learning to listen to you body and how to nurture and honor yourself through every season and emotion that life brings.


I’m so glad I found Maddie!

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