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Women Support Groups in St. Pete, FL

This is a 4 week-long group taking place at Maddie's office space 2429 Central Ave St. Pete, FL.


Since this is a closed and intimate container, space is limited to 6 women.

This group is a place of sacred vulnerability, sharing, holding, and loving.


We are here to connect deeply with ourselves and with the women in our tribe. In a world where so many of us feel so alone, we come together to embrace the similarities and differences of what make each of us so incredibly beautiful.


This is a place to feel safe, supported, loved, held and seen.


We are here to listen to you and hold you with love.

Some of the things you can expect for us to dive into are meditation, breathwork, hand holding, laughing, crying, hugging, reiki sharing, story telling, techniques & tips for healing, and dyad meditation (partner meditation).



P.S. You are so loved.

IMG_1751 2.jpeg

Our 1st Group

Our first group was so incredibly special to me. It was our first time embarking into new territory. But, GOD was it so worth it. The friendships that came together, the sisterhood... I truly have no words. 

Just the other day we all got together at Katie's house for a potluck dinner. It was so sacred and special. 

Our connections go way BEYOND the confines of our group - we truly make an effort to maintain these reltatinshis by staying in contact via WhatsApp and our Women's Support Group on Facebook. 

Featured in this photo is Stephanie, Katie, Rachel, Emma, and Logan - Emilia wasn't able to make it on this day, but we missed her!!

Our 2nd Group

What a special group.

It was crazy to see the dynamic that was created in this group.


So many of the women were moving through the exact same life experience at the exact same time. It was Divine coming together in this way. To be able to hold each other in this space as we held ourselves in that same space.

Featured in this picture is Jess, Kim, Anne, Sam, Lisa, and Laine!


Our 3rd Group

An incredibly intimate group. 

The friendships and sisterhood that were created in this group are life-long. 

One of our sisters lost her pup of 14 years during the midst of the group. One of the hardest things she's ever had to go through. 

Being able to come together to support one another as we move through the difficult terrain of life is so precious. While also maintaining a light-hearted apporach and some silliness along the way. 

It always feels like we're just hanging with our girls - our very closest people. 

Featured in this picture is Madison, Ashely, Marlana, Shannon, and Madeline. Two of our other sisters were unable to attend - Marlene and Marilyn. Marilyn was off eloping with her now hubby! Woohoo!


"In an environment that is calm and cozy, and warm - Maddie "holds space" for you in a way that you
didn't even know you needed. Through reiki, she becomes the medium that allows the deep and tender
spaces within your heart to unearth and heal. You'll fall in love with Maddie, with the mystical community
she invites you to join, but most importantly you'll fall into a deeper love with yourself."

- Katie D.

"The women's group was such an amazing experience and made even better by Maddie's guidance and
her fostering of community and connection amongst beautiful and inspiring souls! If you're looking for
you spiritual girl tribe, this group is for you!"

- Rachel W.

"Maddie is such a gifted soul. Working with her over the last several years has truly been an abundant and
awakening journey.

Her women's group was a transformative experience. She provided a warm and safe space that allowed
seven strangers to become sisters over a course of four weeks. She guided us in dyad meditation, reiki,
breath work and games that allowed us to open up about our experiences, fears, joys, and pain in such a
way that helped us not only learn more about ourselves, but also helped us to form deep bonds with
other likeminded individuals.

I cannot stop recommending joining one of her women's groups!"

- Anne C.

"Maddie created a warm, nurturing environment where I felt safe to be myself. She radiated kindness,
generosity, and unconditional love. The ladies' group was a place where I felt heard and accepted. The
activities that Maddie provided cultivated a depth and closeness with the other women that I didn't know
I could experience. I highly recommend this group to anyone seeking a feeling of wholeness and
community. You won't regret building lasting bonds with our beautiful Maddie and other lovely ladies."

- Lisa M.

"Maddie is a beautiful soul! I've experienced reiki with her and took part in her women's group. Both
experiences centered on love, kindness, and holding space for others. Maddie has such a healing
presence that makes it easy to open up and be vulnerable. I have personally experienced deep healing
with the help of her love and guidance. Maddie is a special gift to this world and everyone who crosses
her path. I highly recommend her services!"

- Laine I.

"Maddie possesses a
remarkable gift for fostering connections and
creating a sense of community. Through
laughter, tears, and a profound sense of safety,
she enabled me to embrace vulnerability in a
way I never thought possible. I never realized
how much I needed Maddie and the incredible
group of women she brought together; they have
now become an irreplaceable part of my life.

Maddie, as both a therapist and mentor, holds a
special place in my heart, evolving into a
cherished friend. I am excited to exolore more
sessions and workshops after the enriching
experience of her women's group class."

- Sam S.

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