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RISE: A Sacred Journey 

Cacao Ceremony, Dyad Meditation & Ecstatic Dance in St. Pete, FL


What Is RISE?

What is the Rise Workshop?

We are here to celebrate the sacredness that lives within and all around through a 3-hour immersive workshop experience inclusive of a cacao ceremony (plant medicine), dyad meditation (partner meditation), and ecstatic dance (silent disco).

Who Can Attend A Rise Workshop?

This event is for anyone, men & women & all, who are hoping to gain a deeper connection to themselves, the community, and the world around them :-)


Think of this as your own temple, your own community, your own space to melt into the present moment. We are here to connect deeply to the world that lives within the Heart and Body and all around us. 

What To Expect At A Rise Workshop?

We will be using the medicine of cacao (plant medicine) to open the heart chakra, the medicine of dyad meditation (partner meditation) to connect you to Oneness, and the medicine of ecstatic dance (silent disco) to move you out of your mind and deeply into your body in the form of somatic release and embodiment.


From hosting retreats and workshops, I have found that the power of community far supersedes any healing that is done alone. We need each other! We crave to feel that connection! To connect with like-minded individuals! To be seen! To be supported!


This is what 'RISE: A Sacred Journey' is all about.


P.S. Get ready to have the MOST amazing time!!! :-) I can't wait!!

What Do I Need To Bring?

- A small cup for cacao

- A journal and pen

- A blanket/tapestry

- Pillow to sit on

- & wear comfy dancing clothes :-)

Experience the Power of Community & Healing!

Reserve Your Spot in Our Next Rise Workshop Today!

Join us for Rise: A Sacred Journey Workshop in St. Pete by Maddie Meditates, where we celebrate the sacredness that resides within and all around us. Embrace this unique opportunity to elevate your spirit, rejuvenate your soul, and create meaningful connections. Don't wait—join us for our next workshop and embark on the journey towards true inner peace and self-discovery!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me today!

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