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We Have Some Very Special Events Coming Up...

Reiki Master Class

Within the Reiki Master Class you will receive your Reiki Level 1, Level 2 Advanced Practitioner, and Level 3 Reiki Master Certification.


When: June 18-19, 2022

Where: St. Petersburg, FL

Cost: $555

Here is what we will be covering:


Level 1: Self Reiki 

Grounding & Intention Setting 

Guided Meditation For Collective Consciousness 

Meet & Greet 

  • Get to know your Reiki Master

  • Meet others


  • The origin and history of Reiki

  • The nature of disease and illness

  • Scientific Evidence 

  • The Reiki Ideals

  • Auric Field 

  • The Chakra System 

    • Hormonal Connection

  • The Power of Intention

  • Reiki Healing Affirmations


Lecture & Demonstration 

  • Hand placement 

  • Gassho meditation: Intention and energy protection 

  • Byosen Scanning: Hand sensitivity scanning

  • Reiji-Ho: Inner guidance and Intuition 

  • Gyoshi-ho: Reiki with the eyes 

Pictures included in handout:

  • 7 chakra system and the body 

  • Hand placements for the self 

Self Practice 


Level 2: Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Grounding & Intention Setting 

Guided Meditation For Collective Consciousness 


  • Full In-Person Reiki Session 

  • Distant Session 

  • Group Distance Healing Circle 

  • Ethics

    • Permission

    • Never Diagnose

    • Confidentiality

  • Tending to the client

  • Detoxification

  • Reiki for food, crystals, pets, etc. 

  • Healing unwanted habits 

  • Symbols 

  • Pictures included in handout:

    • Hand placement for the client 

    • Hand placement for distant healing 



Practice With Others


Level 3: Reiki Master

Grounding & Intention Setting 

Guided Meditation For Collective Consciousness 


  • The Honor of Teaching

  • Symbols

  • Passing Attunements

Practice With Others

  • Healing 

  • Attunements w/ imaginary person

Spiritual Retreat: Coming Home

Within our Spiritual Retreat located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina we will be immersed in Mother Nature, love, and community. This is not an event you want to miss. With fabulous instructors, delicious nourishing food, and the most soul-fulfilling of group & solo activities - you will leave feeling like an entirely reborn Soul Being. 


When: August 18-21, 2022

Where: Bardnardsville, NC

Cost: $777

Here are the activities we will delve into:

  • Reiki Therapy

  • ​Guided Meditation Class​

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • ​Shamanic Drumming Circle

  • ​Vinyasa Yoga ​

  • Healing Your Inner Child Painting Class 

  • ​Ecstatic Dance

  • Eye Gazing

  • Throat Activation

  • Hiking

  • Breathwork

  • Women/Men’s Circle

Get On The List

Sign up to confirm your spot. There are only 7 spots available for the Reiki Master Class and 19 spots available for the Spiritual Retreat. I will send you an invoice for $111 as a non-refundable deposit, that will go towards the cost of the experience, to confirm your spot. Further information will be provided within the coming month. 

What are you interested in?

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