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"I recently underwent a reiki healing session with Maddie and it was by far one of the most impactful reiki sessions I've experienced thus far. No matter the physical setting, Maddie has the ability to hold such a safe and loving space. She is so thoughtful and intentional in everything she does, simply being in her presence is energetically healing. So thankful I was able to work with her! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to receive healing from this angel. Happy healing to you all." 

- Danielle, St. Pete

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maddie on a number of occasions. It began with simple mentor sessions, where my trust in both her services and her soul - vital in the profession - expanded with each conversation. Her love and compassion for her clients (who she refers to as her “light beings”) shines so bright. I moved forward with reiki sessions and guided meditation where she showed me the light within myself. She’s meant for this. She is the perfect example of someone who is following her calling. Don’t question it - book her ASAP. You’ll be gaining more than just life advice - her life long friendship awaits you. "

- Kiana, California 

"Maddie has shared her light with us. We love tuning into her. She has helped us begin our own meditation and mindfulness journey."

- Bridget & Maddie, New York City

"Maddie is absolutely amazing! She has really helped me love and embrace life and myself more than I thought was possible. Highly recommend if you want consistent positivity radiating from within :)"

- Rachel R., Miami

"I feel MUCH much better and I've had much less anxiety the past week which is honestly a very good breakthrough for me! I'm sleeping well again and feel better."

- Ali, Miami


"A truly wonderful experience with Maddie! Her passion and expertise made the experience worth everything! I am looking forward to another session again and will be recommending to my friends!"

- Rachel G., Massachusetts

"The space you provide is so relaxing, open and loving." 

- Joanis, Montana 

"Such an enlightened soul! I've been meeting with Maddie on a weekly basis and she has really helped me work through some energy blockages I wasn't able to conquer myself. I highly recommend her reiki healing and guided meditation sessions."

- Jacob W., Plantation

"Maddie is a highly skilled and trained professional. She's helped with a lot of struggles both internal/personal and physical. I'd highly recommend if you need a reiki session or just life advice!"

- Aimee, Tampa 

"Maddie's voice is, in itself, a soothing balm. Her genuine warmth and heartfelt presence makes her well suited to do this kind of healing work."

- Alissa, West Palm Beach

"What an AMAZING experience! Never thought such healing could come from these types of practices, but I was completely wrong. I look forward to working with Maddie again soon."

- Lily, Sarasota

"Reiki with Maddie was life changing ! I went in skeptical , unsure what to expect but Maddie made me feel at ease and completely relaxed. I left feeling , “ I can’t wait til our next session”. Maddie did an amazing job explaining the process and the journey of spiritual healing , definitely worth trying if you are a newbie !!"

- Michelle, Plantation

"I’ve had the opportunity to use Maddie Meditates services and I’m continued to be impressed with how well she cares for her customers. I’ll definitely continue to work with her!"

- Zack, Avon Park

"I’ve had the privilege of being a part of Maddie’s meditation sessions and special events. Maddie is truly unique in what she gives to her clients. I feel illuminated and loved, calmed and comforted after our meditations. Her consistent loving presence is a wonderful gift to myself and I always look forward to our next session . I am truly grateful for discovering Maddie."

- Sheila, St. Pete

"I had my first ever Reiki session with Maddie and WOW!! This was such a powerful, moving, and healing experience for me that I was not expecting at all. She is so incredibly gifted in this healing work! I'm so grateful that she took the time to talk with me before and after the session, and I left with having an inner shift on some old painful stuff, which I was not expecting but am so grateful for. Her energy is very comforting and I'm so grateful I found her! I highly recommend experiencing a healing session for yourself. You deserve it."

- Brandy, Tampa

"After attending one of Maddie's Full Moon Ceremonies via zoom, you can tell how passionate and skilled she is with her work. She took the time to educate herself on each of the clients signs and how the Aquarius full moon is going to effect their life. Maddie runs each class in such a respectful, knowledgeable, and highly admirable way. I can now happily say I am one of the many frequent clients of Maddie's and will be attending more in the future."

- Hannah, Tampa

"I've done a ton of Zoom workshops with Maddie from full moon ceremonies, dealing with stress, Third Eye Chakra and more! They're always so informative and beautiful I never fail to leave a workshop feeling like the best version of myself. This week I decided to try my from Spiritual Life Coaching session with Maddie and it was so amazing! It is so incredibly important to have someone as knowledgeable as Maddie to discuss life with. What I really loved about the session is that you don't have to harp on all the things that are wrong, instead we discuss life from a realistic point and view and pin point why things are occurring and HOW you can implement actions and habits to improve moving forward. She challenged me to think about question I hadn’t addressed and added such a beautiful perspective to the situation. I am definitely going to make Spiritual Life Coaching a regular thing as I think it's so important and helpful to have someone like Maddie to guide through this crazy journey of life! I have so much love for Maddie I truly can't recommend her services enough!"

- Alexis, New York

"I've never meditated or dedicated time to be spiritual, but after my time with Maddie, I feel more grounded than ever. Extremely appreciative of her service!"

- Matt, Tampa

"Maddie is an amazing Reiki Master! I have a reiki appointment once a month to help clear any energy blocks. I highly recommend Maddie to help you get your energy flowing and maintain your love and light."

- Deena, Tampa

"Maddie is such a warm, loving person. I felt so relaxed and healed during my reiki session with her."

- Abigail, Tampa

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