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My First Psychometric Experience!

Hello my beautiful beings! So last night I had the privilege of attending my first psychometric meditative group. How it went is as so... we sat down in a comforting circle, all 15 of us, we went around in a circle saying our names. Afterward, we all put our I AM affirmations into the healing circle and they were followed by a beautiful meditation that lead us through a beautiful forest where we came in contact with our spirit guides. We then brought our spirit guides back with us to the building and asked them to help us with our psychometric experience. In the beginning of the class, everyone placed an important object within a covered box. This box went around in rotation, we then were given 10 minutes to write down everything this object wad "giving us". Hearing some of the meditative experiences these objects brought the people within the healing circle was incredible. It was one hell of an experience! I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in working on their intuition.

My biggest take away from this experience was that I learned to trust my intuition. Your intuition comes from a difference place than your mind. Your mind is filled with worry, anxiety and stress. When you use your mind to figure things out, you lose complete control over the outcome. Your anxiety and fear take over. With your intuition you are trusting your gut, your spirit guides and your alignment with the Universe. Having this connection with your intuition is imperative if you want to be lead in a path of love throughout your life. Staying connected is all about listening to that "gut" feeling, your intuition!

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