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1:1 Alternative Therapy
Profound Transformation Program

6 Month Spiritual Healing Sessions in St. Pete, FL 

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Profound Transformation is a 6-month alternative therapy package offered exclusively by Maddie Meditates in St. Petersburg, FL. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted for individuals yearning for deep healing and a stronger connection with the spiritual world. By integrating six powerful healing modalities into our sessions, Maddie provides the tools and guidance needed to peel back the layers that limit, block, and inhibit your true potential. Embark on this transformative journey and step boldly into the life of your wildest dreams.

What Is Profound Transformation?

Alternative Therapy & Mentorship in St. Petersburg

Profound Transformation is a 6 month long journey inclusive of 22 Alternative Therapy sessions in St. Petersburg, FL.


This is a container for those who are looking to deep dive into their healing by coming in for sessions once a week for 6 months.


With the use of all 6 healing modalities we will be given the opportunity to truly peel back all of the layers limiting you, blocking you, and prohibiting you from stepping into the life of your wildest dreams.


A life filled with joy, celebration, purpose, passion, confidence, action, deep understanding, deep love, healing of unconscious patterns and cycles, profound connection to the world, and connection to Spirit.


What's Included in the 6-month Profound Transformation?

  • 22 sessions ($176 per session)

  • 24/7 WhatsApp access with Maddie Meditates

  • PDF Handouts for session follow-up (Ex: Healing The Little You Worksheet, Manifestation Worksheet, etc.)

  • A plethora of recommendations & resources (books, self-care practices, etc.)

  • Access to Maddie Meditates Conscious Community FB Page (connect with like-minded individuals all over the world)

How Does Each Session Work?

Our Alternative Therapy & Mentorship Sessions work one of two ways.


1. You choose which healing modality you want to work with.

2. We choose together.


Our healing modalities are Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation Instruction, Spiritual Life Coaching, Breathwork, Art Play, and Conscious Movement/Embodiment.


  • Reiki Energy Healing: Removes blockages found within the energy systems that exist within and around the body. Connecting you deeper to Spirit and possibly those who have passed. Also helping you to receive incredible validation and clarity on what has been existing in your world - internally and externally.

  • Meditation Instruction: Connects us to the vast realm that exists beyond the mind - the Eternal Now. Rewiring and retraining our neural pathways to bring in our greatest good.

  • Spiritual Life Coaching: Brings you to the depths of profound understanding for yourself and the world around you, catalyzing you towards your greatest achievements and life-long dreams.

  • Breathwork: Releases you from the constraints of who you've been, your past, and expedite you to your ultimate potential of who you want to be - internally and externally - breaking free from the mind, connecting to the heart, and allowing space for a life-changing experience.

  • Art Play: Connects you to your inner child - bursting wide your creative flow and allowing for a release of emotion and connection to your past.

  • Conscious Movement: This is all about embodiment - moving beyond the mind and tapping into the vast wisdom and history held in the body. Release, move, shake, dance.

What's The Difference Between Profound Transformation (6 months)  vs. Radical Transformation (3 months)?

Profound Transformation is a 6 month long journey as compared to Radical Transformation being a 3 month long journey. 

The true difference in them is determining how committed you are to your healing journey at this time. 3 months is a lesser commitment of time, money, and energy than 6 months. But are you really looking to make profound shifts in every area of your life through a deeper and more extensive period of time? Then Profound Transformation is probably for you. 

Profound Transformation, the 6 month long journey, is less of a financial investment per session ($176 per session) as compared to Radical Transformation, the 3 month long journey ($181 per session). This is to reward those that are looking to make a greater commitment to themselves. 

We will be using the same 6 healing modalities throughout each journey. 

Why Work With Maddie Meditates?

Since 2019, I’ve been on my healing journey, one that has dramatically changed my life for the better. If you could’ve seen me just five years back, I don’t think you would’ve recognized me. I was angry with the world, but underneath it all I was incredibly lonely and sad, and the worst part is… I didn’t even know it. It was my norm. My good heart sat desperately searching for air throughout the years, but I would always turn to all the things that would numb me - alcohol, drugs, chaos, men. I was never alone, surrounded by hundreds of people at all times, but so incredibly lonely.


Shame and guilt are brought about my spirit awakening and true healing. I had done something terrible to the person I loved the most in the world as an act of self-sabotage. My self-esteem and worthiness began to plummet and I entered into an incredibly dark period of my life, full of anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts.


I began working with a mentor who held a flashlight to so many of my patterns and unconsciously beliefs, and for the first time in my life, I started to see myself clearly, and even… my childhood. As time to passed, my awareness and consciousness grew. I became incredibly self-aware of how fully responsible I was and am for everything that was present in my life - the good, the bad, and ugly. It wasn’t a pretty picture to see. I started to slowly claw myself out of the deep dark pit I was living in and began to see the light.


As I continued to do the work on myself, beautiful things and people start entering into my life. I was finally starting to feel hopeful. I knew that my purpose here on planet Earth was to help individuals move through the incredibly gruesome terrain of healing themselves. Teaching them to become the Masters of themselves - knowing themselves through and through, so that they can flourish into the highest versions of themselves.


And now that’s exactly what I do. I’ve worked extensively with over 500+ individuals over the course of a few months to a few years, helping them transform their lives for the better from the inside out. We work with alternative healing modalities to heal, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to bring dramatic change that affects every single aspect of your life.


Maybe you don’t even know that you’re hurting, maybe you do know, but it’s too scary to even go there?


I was there, I get it.


It’s so scary, but as a living testament of what this work can truly do for you… it is SO damn worth it and even better you’re worth it, you always have been.

Is This Spiritual Journey For Me?

Have you been moving through difficulties, blocks, and repeating unhealthy patterns in:

  • ​Relationship (friendship, parental, intimate, etc.)

  • Trust in yourself, others, the world, and Source 

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Finding your true calling and purpose in this life

  • Finding community and true and lasting sisterhood 

  • Worth and feeling truly deserving of living a life of your most abundant and wildest DREAMS!

  • Perfectionism and control 

Are you ready to...

  • Find your purpose and TRUE calling in this life 

  • Release control and trust & surrender to your Higher Power working for you 

  • Transform into the Highest Version and Truth of You

  • Release your limiting beliefs

  • Break free from the constraints of your unconscious thought patterns

  • Feel and think greater than your thoughts

  • Balance your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies

  • Truly heal from your past & release habitual unhealthy patterns and cycles

  • Connect to your Intuition and receive messages from your Higher Self

  • Embrace the elevated emotions of worthiness, freedom, & bliss, every single day!

  • & Become the Ultimate Master of YOU!

The Ultimate Question:

Are you willing and ready to carve out the TIME and ENERGY is takes to truly invest in yourself?

If the answer is YES... then this journey IS FOR YOU!


Marilyn M., St. Pete

Maddie is a special soul. She has been an inspiring guide throughout the past couple years of my healing journey.


Her energy is unlike any other and she is able to hold the space for me to be my true self without fear.


I love our chats on a wide range of topics - Maddie keeps it real!


If you’re reading this, take it as a sign to book with Maddie. 


Stacy P., St. Pete

Maddie is a gift! Working with her has accelerated my healing FAR beyond what years of traditional therapy couldn’t.


She effortlessly and instantaneously provides a space of mutual trust. I feel clear and empowered after each session.


Maddie is gentle and able to connect with you in a way that is comforting, empathetic, and incredibly enlightening!


If you are reading this, book with her immediately.

Mustard Flowers

Joni P., St. Pete

I had the best experience with Maddie.


I reached out to her with really specific goals of finding peace and being more present.


Not only did she help me with those goals but she brought so much more to my life and mental well being.


She is wise beyond her years, is an amazing listener and healer and has so much to share.


Every session was truly a gift and I am forever grateful for the experience.


Katie D., St. Pete

In an environment that is calm and cozy, and warm - Maddie “holds space” for you in a way that you didn’t even know you needed.


She becomes the medium that allows the deep and tender spaces within your heart to unearth and heal.


You’ll fall in love with Maddie, with the mystical community she invites you to join, but most importantly you’ll fall into a deeper love with yourself.

Let's Dive Deep Into Into A World of Love & Gratitude!

Book Your 6-Month Profound Transformation Today!

Embark on the Profound Transformation journey with Maddie Meditates and experience a profound shift over the course of six months. Together, we will work to dismantle barriers, foster growth and heal on a deeper level. With personalized mentorship and innovative alternative therapy sessions, Don't wait to unlock your full potential and embrace your most authentic self. Start your 6-month journey today and step into a life of profound transformation!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me today!

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