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Conscious Movement / Embodiment in St. Petersburg, FL :-)

What Is Conscious Movement / Embodiment?

Within a Conscious Movement Session, our objective is to connect to the frequency of freedom. Through embodiment we are able to connect to something much deeper than the mind, but the Eternal Wisdom of the body.


Using movement to get out the mind and into the body. Where we put our focus our energy flows. When we move our attention into the body, we are able to tune into what requires tending to.


The body holds onto traumatic memories, our past, childhood experiences, stress, and all the things that have the possibility to limit us. By getting into the body and out of the mind, we have the power to come in contact with these things and release them.

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What Can I Expect In My Session?

We’ll start off simple - with the eyes closed and minimal movement, helping you to deepen your connection with your body. Really feeling into spaces that haven’t been felt in a while, or maybe even ever.


The music selected for our session will reflect our intention of the session - this could range from freedom, fun, embodiment, all the way to releasing anger, resentment, or getting out of your mind & much more.


After the beginnings of connecting with the body, **if we feel called**, we’ll rise and begin feeling into ecstatic dance. Ecstatic dance is a form of movement that abides by the simple rule of moving your body however feels most fit. This is a space of no judgement, no talking, pure movement. Entering into a trance like state and being guided simply by the music and your body.


Sometimes dance is not necessary - simply connecting to the body and the inner field of Being is all that is needed.


After our session comes to a close, we’ll be able to debrief with one another on how the movement made you feel and what may have come up.


Our bodies are the vehicles to the Divine, to Spirit! Let us connect, deepen, and enliven our Souls.

What Are The Benefits Of Conscious Movement / Embodiment?

Living in such a head heavy world, it is no wonder many of us struggle to drop into our body. For so long cognitive and rational thinking has been put on a pedestal. As a result, we have lost our ability to tune into our powerful felt sense. Which, when combined with the rational mind, will make you a force to be reckoned with!

Below are just some of the many reasons why you should be carving out time each day to come home to your body:

  1. Experiencing the wholeness of life

  2. To gather feedback on the life you are living and the choices you are making

  3. Starting to become more aware and attuned to the subtle sensations of our body - which means increased sensory clarity

  4. Greater self-awareness and insight

  5. A deeper connection to others

  6. Detecting things that we weren’t originally aware of (both within and outside our body)

  7. Gaining a deeper sense of clarity and feeling more able to make clearer distinctions

  8. Better navigation and decision making - what feels good now might not serve us in the long term i.e. burn out or adrenal fatigue

  9. A more informed pleasure and pain calculation

  10. A greater ability to respond better and more aligned with your truth in the moment

  11. Increased bodily wisdom - you will be able to know what is true for you based on what your body is saying

  12. Better boundary creation!


What does Conscious Movement/Embodiment feel like in the body?

Conscious Movement/Embodiment feels like love in the body. At first, this process may feel uncomfortable - especially if you have lived most of your life entirely disconnected from your body. We will use movement and your breath and shaking to release stored energy and trauma in the body.


Our bodies know best and they are far wiser than our minds will ever be. Being able to bring the energy from your mind, into your body is a powerful experience and tool for soothing anxiety, worry, tension, etc.


When you are in your body, you are connected to your deepest truth and nothing can deter you in that state.

Why is it important to be connected to your body?

Being connected to your body is everything. Since we live in a mostly mind-dominated world; living in your body becomes secondary nature for us.


But we are living in our bodies and connected to our bodies we don’t abuse our bodies. We learn to listen to them. Love on them. Respect them.

Is a Conscious Movement/Embodiment session like meditation? What’s the difference?

Conscious Movement/Embodiment sessions bring us into a bit of a meditative trance-like state. By being fully integrated into your body you release yourself from the confines of the judgmental mind. You move into a place of freedom and release.


Meditation mainly requires stillness. Yes, there are many different forms of meditation and just like some people find running to be meditative - so can conscious movement and embodiment.

What if I feel uncomfortable dancing or moving my body?

That is more than okay. We will move slow. You would be surprised about how not alone you are on this one. So many of us have been conditioned to fear our bodies and be disconnected from them. We fear connecting to our wild parts of who we are and what makes us human.


Trust me in this, we will move at your own pace. No judgment. Just lots of love and support.

How does a Conscious Movement/Embodiment Session take place over Zoom?

Great question! So our Conscious Movement/ Embodiment sessions typically include music. I will either send you a playlist you can tune into in your own space while I guide you or you can find your own playlist you would like to use depending on your intention - slow, fast, etc.


Stacy A., St. Pete

Conscious Movement sessions are my favorite! 

You get soooo in your body and become so relaxed. You're able to move about freely without judgement.

Having lived out of my body for so many years - it feels so good to be back living WITHIN my body.

Thank you Maddie! Xo

Mustard Flowers

Piper J., St. Pete

I never really enjoyed moving my body very much. Rarely would I go out for walks or any kind of exercise for that matter, but Conscious Movement and Embodiment sessions are where I found my healing. 

I had no idea how much pain and trauma I was storing in my body and my hips specifically. 

By gently moving and listening to my body, I was able to connect with myself in a way I've never experienced before. 


Denise R., St. Pete

You MUST book a Conscious Movement and Embodiment session with Maddie!

When I came in for the session, my initial intention for the session was to slow down and calm down, but I realized half way into the session all I really wanted to do was dance it OUT! 

& it felt SO good! 

Thank you for being such a wonderful guide Maddie. I am so thankful for you!


Harry A., Tampa

This was a totally different experience for me, but so healing and so expansive. 

Book a Conscious Movement/Embodiment session with Maddie now. You won't regret it - you will love it!

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