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Women's Spiritual Retreats

Connect to nature & other like-minded beautiful souls - find yourself, find your sisterhood, find spirit.

All our or Women’s Spiritual Retreats encompass the concepts of sisterhood, vulnerability, and Mother Nature.

Some of the locations in which our retreats have taken place in the past are Asheville, NC., Live Oak FL, and Maryville, TN.

Be on the lookout for more beautiful and powerful retreats taking place outside of the country in tropical places such a the Bahamas and Costa Rica.

Our retreats include an abundance of different workshops and experiences such as:


Cacao Ceremonies

Dyad Meditation (Partner Meditation)

Naked Nature Walks & Hikes

Sound Bath & Ceremony

Collective Body Painting

Forest Bathing

Ecstatic Dance

Shamanic Drumming & Drum Circles

Educational Discussions

Reiki Energy Healing

& More


Coming Home: A Women's Spiritual Retreat

The idea behind our Spiritual Retreat "Coming Home" was to elicit the knowingness that lives deep within your Soul.


The knowingness that says, "I am connected to everything and everyone."


Living amongst the wilderness together brings us into some incredible experiences within itself. 


To be so connected to the ebb and flow of Mother Nature will only show you what your Soul’s been calling for all this time. 


There’s nothing like waking up to the chirping of birds and rustling of leaves and the rolling waters of the river beneath you. 


This experience is bringing us all closer to Home. Your Home within yourself. 


Your Home within Mother Nature. Your Home within each other.

Awaken: A Women's Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Awaken: A Women's Yoga & Meditation Retreat took place in Live Oak, FL. 

Our beautiful cabin was located right along the Suwannee River. A secluded, private, and lush 3 acres.

Crystal clear waters surrounding us through the offerings of Charles Springs Conservation.


Wildlife at every turn. The songs of birds singing in the early morning mist. With a wrap around deck for pristine views of nature’s garden.

We dove into a multitude of powerful and beautiful workshops inclusive of: Intentional Fire Ceremonies, Vinyasa Yoga Flows, Guided, Meditation Classes, Collective Body Painting, River Bathing, Ecstatic Dance & Drumming Circle, Cacao Ceremony, Dyad Meditation Experience & Educational Discussions.


Nature & Nurture:
A Women's Spiritual Retreat

Nature & Nurture: A Women’s Retreat is an experience for the senses.

Connect with Mother Nature to experience Nurture; let Mother Earth do the healing.


Surrounded by beautiful and luscious Mother Nature in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of Maryville, Tennessee at Seven Springs Retreat Center.


We gather, as women & as sisters, to heal and revive through connection to Nature and the Nurturing of ourselves.


Through cacao ceremonies, group meals, nature walks, private individual time, ecstatic dances, story-telling & sharing, naked forest bathing, singing, laughing, & living together we will form sisterly bonds that will last lifetimes.


Healing as individuals, through community

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