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Art Play in St. Petersburg, FL :-)

What Is Art Play?

Within an Art Play Session, our objective is to connect to the power of the Inner Child and the subconscious and unconscious mind.


Through connecting with art through the form of painting, we allow for the subconscious and unconscious mind to roam free. We allow for the Inner Child to roam free. Creating a meditative environment that allows for expression, creativity, vulnerability, and release.


Giving you journal prompts through the form of questioning, not in which we will journal the responses to, but rather paint the responses to allows for you to go deeper within. Also, with the use of the non-dominant hand at times, we allow for the other hemisphere of the brain to get to work and release all that might be stored within the memory bank that we are unconsciously aware of.

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What Can I Expect In My Session?

We start off with the setting of our intention and the moving into a mild and brief meditation and grounding experience - decluttering the mind and body of the day and settling into the present moment. We then move into the ground rules for the practice and get to painting. This time period is accompanied by background music and questioning and silence on your part - creating a meditative and introspective experience for you. Once we’ve come to the end of this practice, we will debrief and get to integrate all that came up for you.


Art and creation is incredibly soothing. It requires us to use different parts of our brains that we don’t typically use. Helping us to access pieces of ourselves we never knew existed. Through this process we can come into deeper contact with ourselves and our Internal World, learning to love all the pieces of ourselves.


P.S. You do not need to be “talented” or "creative" or "a good painter" in order for this experience to work for you. It is not about all of that, but rather expression - allowing for the imperfections to be seen as whole and perfect.

What Are The Benefits Of Art Play?

Visual arts, whether you’re engaging in them or just appreciating them, can bring enjoyment and encouragement, but expressing oneself through art can also have physical and mental health benefits.


Art Play, helps provide a way to express emotions and experiences not easily expressed in words. It is not about the final product; it is about healing through the process of making art.


Art Play benefits include:

  • Connecting to your inner child

  • Entering into a meditative flow state

  • Tapping into your creativity

  • Letting go of the world and practice presence

  • Releasing judgement from yourself 

  • Reduce conflicts and distress

  • Improve cognitive functions

  • Foster self-esteem

  • Build emotional resilience and social skills

  • Engages the mind, body, and spirit in ways that are distinct from verbal communication

  • Step into pleasure and release control or the need to "do"

  • Play, play, play!


How is Art Play and Art Therapy different?

Art Therapy is conducted by a listened Mental Health Counselor/Art Therapist with a speciality in Art Therapy. Maddie Meditates is not a listened Mental Health Counselor.

BUT… she does know how to connect you to your inner most creative state and connect you to your inner child and let your heart roam free by creating a space that invites the flow state in.

How does Art Play connect me to my creativity and inner-child?

Art Play is all about releasing judgment and coming into a place of authentic creative flow. We will be using paints and paper/canva and paint brushes to activate the wild little girl or boy within. Releasing the need for “perfection” and just sinking deeply into the present moment and focusing on the feeling of release as you enter into a meditative state of painting.


What if I’m not artistic?

Nothing to worry about :-) Most of us aren’t initially! And if you’ve never used art to connect to your creativity or inner child - that’s more than okay too! We are here to release the need for a means to an end and just come into a place of pure satisfaction for the process of creation.

How does an Art Play session take place over Zoom?

Great question! Art Play uses painting material in person to host an Art Play session, but if we are conducting our sessions via Zoom you will have to provide your own materials for yourself as Maddie guides you through the journey. Sometimes we use music too and if that is the case, Maddie will send you a playlist you can tune into or you can use one of your own. If paint isn’t your thing and you would like to use another artistic medium such as clay or play-doh or whatever it may be, that is highly encouraged!


Hannah N., St. Pete

My first Art Play session with Maddie was amazing and SO fun!!! 

We had a blast togerther and it really felt like I was just spending time with a childhood friend back in kindergarten. 

I haven't felt that free in a long time.

To just create for the sake of creating felt empowering.

Mustard Flowers

Peter N., Bradenton

Doing an Art Play session over Zoom is so much more fun than you may even expect!

When I saw that Maddie offered this, I knew I immediately needed to take advantage of this. I thought it was so cool and unique and I had to give it a try and I'm so happy I did! 

I got to connect to little Peter and do a deep dive into my subconscious mind, bringing to life certain memories that haven't been sparked in a long time, but felt so healing. 

Maddie also provides such a safe space to be as vulnerable as possible. 

I loved every bit of it!


Sam V., St. Pete

Maddie is more than just an Alternative Therapist and Mentor,  she is a true friend and healer. 

Getting to experience an Art Play session with her was so healing and so fun. 

I appreciate all the work you do Maddie! You are so incredible!

I look forward to all of our continued sessions in the future.

Don't question it, just book it. You'll thank me later!


Ken P., Tampa

Who knew art could be so fun!?!

How healing and fun.

I really had such a celebratory time in our Art Play session.

I came into the session with the intention to just let loose and not dive too deep and Maddie suggested that we dive into Art Play and it was the perfect experience.


So grateful!

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