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What is MEDITATION and how can it help me?

Meditation is often misunderstood; it is not about the quieting or elimination of all of your thoughts, but the simple observation of them. Many of us have no idea how cruel we are to ourselves until we step into the mind and see our daily thoughts for what they really are. Meditation shows us this unfortunate and ugly truth, and simultaneously inspires us with the possibilities of changing our reality for the better. Teaching us that we can become the filter of our thoughts, bringing into our reality those that are beneficial and positive. 


Many published studies have documented the numerous mental and physical health benefits of meditation. These include but are not limited to: better immune function, decreased pain, less depression and anxiety, a greater sense of emotional self-control and happiness, and a heightened sense of well-being. Imaging studies have also shown that during and after meditation, there is increased activity in the brain regions related to attention, reduced amygdala response to emotional stimuli (your fear and anxiety center), and a higher volume of grey matter in people who meditate often. 

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Meditation with Maddie

Maddie has taught hundreds of meditation classes and has cultivated her own daily meditation practice for the past 3 years. She has experienced a complete 180 in her own life due to meditation becoming a daily practice of hers; changes in her personality, relationships, friendships, work and success. She has experienced an extremely healthy change in her diet and the foods that she now craves. Above all, she feels such a passion and love for life because of what meditation has shown and taught her. Every day she wakes up truly grateful to be alive and to have the privilege of helping others learn to live in this same way of gratitude.


Kiana, California

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maddie on a number of occasions. It began with simple mentor sessions, where my trust in both her services and her soul - vital in the profession - expanded with each conversation. Her love and compassion for her clients (whom she refers to as her “light beings”) shine so bright. I moved forward with reiki sessions and guided meditation where she showed me the light within myself. She’s meant for this. She is the perfect example of someone who is following her calling. Don’t question it - book her ASAP. You’ll be gaining more than just life advice - her lifelong friendship awaits you.


Bridget & Maddie,

New York City

Maddie has shared her light with us. We love tuning into her. She has helped us begin our own meditation and mindfulness journey.

Mustard Flowers

Hannah, Tampa

After attending one of Maddie's Full Moon Ceremonies via zoom, you can tell how passionate and skilled she is with her work. She took the time to educate herself on each of the clients signs and how the Aquarius full moon is going to effect their life. Maddie runs each class in such a respectful, knowledgeable, and highly admirable way. I can now happily say I am one of the many frequent clients of Maddie's and will be attending more in the future.


Sheila, St. Pete

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of Maddie’s meditation sessions and special events. Maddie is truly unique in what she gives to her clients. I feel illuminated and loved, calmed and comforted after our meditations. Her consistent loving presence is a wonderful gift to myself and I always look forward to our next session . I am truly grateful for discovering Maddie

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