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To put it simply, Life isn't easy. This is the harsh reality we must accept when we choose to embody physical form on this Planet of Duality. Yet, we make it much harder than it needs to be. Within this guided meditation, you will be taken through a journey of deep Acceptance and Forgiveness. So often we allow for the weight of the world to rest on our shoulders. This is not our responsibility nor is it the way the Divine wants for us to move through this Life. Life is meant to be channeled through ease. Allow for the light-hearted nature of this meditation to broaden your perspectives on whatever it is you may be going through in this time and to view yourself through the eyes of Empathy and Unconditional Love. I am with you and you are not alone my Friend. 


Healing Properties of This Meditation:

  • Cultivating deep Trust in the Divine 
  • Surrendering to the Universal Will and releasing the Individual Will 
  • Letting go of Resistance and turning to Divine Acceptance
  • Forgiveness for the Self 


How To:

  • Listen to for 5 consecutive days (morning time preferred) 
  • Prayer to the Divine each morning after meditation 
  • Tune into your Intuitive Senses throughout the 5 days (pay attention to what feels "good/light/easy" and what doesn't)
  • Retire each night with a 20-30 min hot shower/bath using Sea Salt or Epsom Salt


Music by PatrizioYoga from Pixabay


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Acceptance in Turbulent Times Meditation

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