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What is REIKI and how can it help me?

Reiki is the beautiful art of energy healing. The word "Reiki", of Japanese origin, is an effective form of energy work that uses the life force energy that is found within and around all of us. The word "Rei" means "Universal Life" and "Ki" means "Energy”. Within every being their "Ki" should be free-flowing and strong. Reiki induces these effects. 


The history of Reiki dates back thousands of years but was brought back into popular demand by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki is used to treat many ailments including but not limited to: stress, tension, psychical pain, emotional pain, discomfort, disease, trauma, loss, grief, anxiety, depression and many more. 

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A Maddie Meditates Reiki Session:

Reiki sessions usually last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes. Prior to the start of the actual session, we will discuss together what has been troubling you - physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. For the actual session, you will remove your shoes, remaining fully clothed, and rest supine comfortably on the massage table. I will then proceed with a cleansing of the entire auric field, moving into the Reiki hand positions beginning at your head and leading to the feet, keeping in mind the placements of the chakras. Staying in tune and connected with which parts of the body are calling most for healing or a release. This is then followed by a final cleansing of the entire body's energy field. You may feel a warming, cooling, vibrating and/or tingling sensation during the session but this means that it is working! After your session we will discuss how you felt before, during and after and if any messages from the Universe are wanting to be shared with you. 


I always make sure to tell people that the session may not be what you “want” it to be, but I can guarantee you, it will be exactly what you need. That being said, people are often brought into their childhood to heal from any childhood trauma still living in their DNA, many fall asleep during the session, which helps me access the unconscious and subconscious even more. Laughing, crying, and all of the above are welcome! 


Danielle, St. Pete

I recently underwent a reiki healing session with Maddie and it was by far one of the most impactful reiki sessions I've experienced thus far. No matter the physical setting, Maddie has the ability to hold such a safe and loving space. She is so thoughtful and intentional in everything she does, simply being in her presence is energetically healing. So thankful I was able to work with her! I highly recommend anyone and everyone to receive healing from this angel. Happy healing to you all.


Michelle, Plantation

Reiki with Maddie was life-changing! I went in skeptical, unsure what to expect but Maddie made me feel at ease and completely relaxed. I left feeling, “ I can’t wait til our next session”. Maddie did an amazing job explaining the process and the journey of spiritual healing, definitely worth trying if you are a newbie !!

Mustard Flowers

Brandy, Tampa

I had my first ever Reiki session with Maddie and WOW!! This was such a powerful, moving, and healing experience for me that I was not expecting at all. She is so incredibly gifted in this healing work! I'm so grateful that she took the time to talk with me before and after the session, and I left with having an inner shift on some old painful stuff, which I was not expecting but am so grateful for. Her energy is very comforting and I'm so grateful I found her! I highly recommend experiencing a healing session for yourself. You deserve it.


Aimee, Tampa

Maddie is a highly skilled and trained professional. She's helped with a lot of struggles both internal/personal and physical. I'd highly recommend if you need a reiki session or just life advice!

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