What is SPIRITUAL LIFE COACHING and how can it help me?

Spiritual Life Coaching is the beautiful process of life coaching but with a focus on spirituality. Spiritual Life Coaching is all about helping you recognize the great potential that lives within. In your very first session, we will assess your short-term and long-term goals, and I will provide you with a sacred space in which to be completely vulnerable and fully heard. You will be flooded with tons of spiritual wisdom & knowledge, tips & tricks, and information on how to rewire your mind. You will feel ready to manifest your greatest and wildest dreams, attune to the deeper frequencies within to help you better heal, and SO MUCH MORE!


Throughout our time together you will see drastic improvements in all areas of your life. 


Whether you are wanting to work on your healing journey, reconnecting with your spirituality, relationship issues, career issues, work-related problems, your self-esteem, confidence, sexuality, motivation or even just boosting your excitement for life, I will be that driving force for you! 


Spiritual life coaching can help with virtually any aspect of your life. However, the success of your Spiritual Life Coaching experience is very dependent on your desire to change and succeed! With this in mind, let's evaluate your goals and determine where you'd like to see change in your life. Let's get started!

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Rachel R., Miami

Maddie is absolutely amazing! She has really helped me love and embrace life and myself more than I thought was possible. Highly recommend if you want consistent positivity radiating from within :)


Rachel G., Massachusetts

A truly wonderful experience with Maddie! Her passion and expertise made the experience worth everything! I am looking forward to another session again and will be recommending to my friends!

Mustard Flowers

Lily, Sarasota

What an AMAZING experience! Never thought such healing could come from these types of practices, but I was completely wrong. I look forward to working with Maddie again soon.


Zack, Avon Park

I’ve had the opportunity to use Maddie Meditates services and I’m continued to be impressed with how well she cares for her customers. I’ll definitely continue to work with her!